How much does it cost to keep a horse? A specialist answers 

Question. What is the recommended amount of hay, oats, and other feeds for horses? What is a horse’s cost of hay, oats, etc.? How much does a hobby horse cost that can be used in small competitions? MADONNA COUNTY AGNES

Inta Caune, a veterinarian and owner of “Morphine,” says that a novice who wants to learn to ride a horse is best to purchase a 10-15-year old horse. It is a hobby horse that has been well-trained and can safely be hung in the country. It is usually familiar with the competition and does not fear moving objects or foreign environments.

1000 Euros is the lowest, while the most expensive one can cost around 5000 Euros. It would be best to consider that the horse might have health issues, and you may end up with a lawnmower that can’t be used for light riding.

Horses need to be looked after regularly. The approximate costs of maintaining one horse are: filing teeth 1-2x per year (40-60 euros; if a dental needs to be extracted or repaired, it can cost up to 100 euros); horseshoe forging every 6-8 weeks (on average, 20 euros); hay costs 15-20 euro depending on how much you need.